Casino Operator Provides Players with Possibility of Online Shuffle Verification

Players can finally find a fair deal, says Taad

According to Larry Taad, owner and lead developer of a new online casino bitZino, his players have been provided with a technology thanks to which they can independently and immediately verify the authenticity of an online shuffle.

He says this can be done through a ‘Provably Fair& button he placed on the site. It apparently allows enables players to interact with cryptographic techniques that ensure verification, and

Taad also added that bitZino itself is deploying a cryptographic hash function to create a fingerprint of an already shuffled deck.

However, he specified, the SHA256 hashing algorithm does not let players use it to figure out what the shuffle of the deck actually is, so the casino can let players look at the hash before the game starts.

“Then, the deck is reshuffled using the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm with the random numbers generated from the Mersenne twister algorithm that was seeded with a hash of the combined server seed and client seed,” Taad added.

“The second round of shuffling only serves to ensure that neither the server nor client could possibly know the final deck before the game starts.”

Further on, he opined: “When developing our provably fair system at bitZino, we put a lot of effort into making sure we were able to accurately portray to our users how it all works.

“Any single-player game can be made provably fair,” he said, adding that bitZino currently offers single-player video poker, roulette and single-player blackjack that are provably fair, and that “multi-player games will be offered in the future.”

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