New Geo-Location Tool Goes Live

A new product has been developed by geo-location specialist Locaid – an advanced mobile tracking technology suitable for use by cash processors and online gambling outfits.

It has been reported that “By using tracking data, Locaid can tell whether a mobile user is within the borders of Nevada and can legally place real-money bets on an online gambling site using a mobile phone.

“Today, the company will add to its “location as a service” platform by adding mobile location to internet protocol location-tracking techniques. That technology can authenticate where a person or device is, and the combination of an internet address and mobile location serves to provide better accuracy for companies that have good reasons for tracking users. The technology is important to banks, casinos, e-commerce companies, and others. Seven of the top ten banks use Locaid, which has data on 350 million devices.”

What this will bring is improved standard verification potentials, as mobile location will enable multi-source location verification.

According to the CEO of the San Francisco-based company, Rob Gerber, there are more than 9 billion connected devices at the moment, but the number is expected to grow to 50 billion by the end of the decade.

He also added: “We are enabling companies and developers to locate every single one of their employees, assets, customers, all through a single API and all permission-based.”

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