New Online Casino App by Big Fish Games

Big Fish Casino goes to the UK

Looking for ways to spread into more online gambling-friendly markets than Washington State, Big Fish Gaming has decided to go live with its Big Fish Casino app in the UK.

Therefore, in the next few weeks, the British punters will enjoy the iOS friendly app, which will be available for download via the App Store. The company&s partner in the venture is Betable, which will process all financial transactions.

In relation to the cooperation with Big Fish, Christopher Griffin, chief executive officer of Betable, said: “This is the biggest opportunity that game developers have had since the advent of the Internet,” adding that his company is working with a number of other companies in the sector.

Commenting on a statement by Tom Neumayr, a spokesman for Apple, who said told that his company is not taking a cut of gambling sales and that App Store will take in only those games that comply with local laws, Paul Thelen, CEO of Big Fish said: “Apple wants to keep arms& length from this. They don&t want to be the middleman in a gambling operation.

He also added that “Many players already pay real money for virtual currency in Big Fish games to bet on poker, slots and other games of chance, though they cannot cash out their winnings. These users are likely to flock to real-money wagers,” adding that real money gambling in the mobile sector is “a very lucrative opportunity.”

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